Privacy Policy

kixar offers financial market trading services via the Internet. Whenever you use the Company's services through its online trading platform, you may have asked to provide necessary personal information. We do care and respect for your privacy and keep your data secure by privacy protection laws. Here is our Privacy Policy to help you understand how & why we gather, secure, utilize your Personal Information to offer you trading services. If you have any difficulty to understand our privacy policy, do not hesitate to ask. Contact us directly or at our e-mail and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Read carefully our Privacy Policy and our User License Agreement "Terms".

kixar reserves the right to modify or remove anything in this Privacy Policy at any time and in response to changes in any applicable data protection and privacy legislation. You cannot question the company on any such action or modification. The company also takes care of the interests of its clients. You should agree on this point to move on.


We believe in the KYC rule. It includes your every kind of personal information while signing up for any kind of activity, using our platform, chat, or support with kixar. This personal information consists of,

Full name and contact details (e-mail, contact number, or fax)
Gender, Date of Birth, Birthplace
Nationality or citizenship, current address.
For the proof of identity, a National ID card or passport is required. For transactions, the scanned copies of the formerly mentioned objects are needed. In some cases, a notarized translation of these documents into English may be required.
Data on activity and transactions on the client's account.
Your profession, job, or business status.
Information about the location.
A type of questionnaire to fill on your experience in the trade, information on available knowledge, and skills.


The Company has the right to keep a record and save any form of communication with the client (e-mail, telephone calls, etc.), which was made in the context of business relations. Such records are evidence of cooperation between the Company and the client. While placing orders or talking to a company representative on the telephone, a recording is always made without any alert as proof. Your every moment will be monitored and recorded whenever you enter the premises of the company’s office.


As per terms of use and privacy policy, personal info is required to provide all the services and offers of the company by managing your trading account, personal account, access to promo actions, opening/closing of trading operations, cash withdrawal, and other transactions in the trading account.

To secure your financial transactions and their legality, as well as to certify the person conducting such operations.

To verify the client in case of any request. If a client request to transfer his/her personal information, we can transfer it. In such a case, we need to verify you.

To provide the full necessary services in the best possible way.

To prevent services for illegal use.

Providing products and services, informing about them, and analyzing the current needs of the client following his interests. Improving the quality of products and services, including customer service, developing and selling new product range and services. Web pages and e-mails of the Company may contain web beacons or tags that help to analyze information about the receipt of correspondence by customers, the number of visitors on the website pages, etc.

With any changes in the services provided, we need to have the opportunity to inform the client about such changes. To inform you, we surely need access to you.

Compliance with applicable laws, court orders, and processes, and regulatory requirements. Investigation and settlement of disputed inquiries.

As part of the use of personal data of customers and for the purposes described above, we can transfer your information to a third party in such cases.


Employees of the company who need this information. But do not worry they cannot share your information with anyone. They sign an agreement to not share your personal information with anyone.

Third parties, software developers, and application developers.

Service providers and consultants with whom contracts for the providing administrative, information, analytical, marketing, financial, regulatory, insurance, research, and other services in the minimum required volume were concluded.

Payment service providers and banks to conduct customer transactions.

Auditors and contractors for auditing, providing assistance, or consulting on any of the Company's business objectives.

Courts, tribunals, and regulators when obtaining relevant court orders and/or processes concerning the client, as well as regulatory requirements.

We can provide your information to the state, law enforcement bodies, and other legal and regulatory documents if necessary.

Any party for whom the disclosure of the client's personal information is required to comply with or apply the terms of service of the Company.

Only the minimum personal information about the customers that are required to secure contractual obligations to the company is disclosed to third parties. Third-party vendors do not have the right to divulge and use the personal information of our customers for any other purposes that are not specified. On our official website, there may be links that lead to third-party websites. It is important to understand that they are not covered by this privacy policy and these resources do not apply our privacy standards and procedures. We ensure that we will not provide your personal information to government agencies, except cases provided by law.


You can subscribe to our service on mail to receive new notifications, news, and promotional offers from our company. You can get these alerts directly on your e-mail or number. If you do not want to hear from us, you can simply unsubscribe to our services by contacting our customer sup

We ensure to not violate the rights of clients under any circumstances. You have the right to

Full name and contact details (e-mail, contact number, or fax)
You can send requests to make modifications to the information provided by you to the company.
If you want to remove your data, you are free to request us.
You can refuse from processing information about you for direct marketing purposes. This may lead to limiting the services provided by the Company to the Client since most services require the processing of personal information.
Send a request to suspend the processing of data to establish the reliability, the legality of their use, or in case of an objection to their use.
Request the transfer of personal information to a third party. The company can provide such data in a structured form, but it applies only to automated information, and not to printed copies.
Withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time.
You have the right to implement any of these requests by sending an e-mail to Due to workload, the company might take several days to respond at your request.


We protect the confidentiality of your data regardless of the method of how it was received (personally from you, by phone, by e-mail, online, or through any digital media). The personal information we ask is only for business purposes. The company retains your personal information as long as you are in business relations with us. For its part, the Company provides security for computer storage, paper files, and other records. We take all necessary measures to protect the personal data that we hold from improper and unauthorized use, loss, modification, or disclosure.

To ensure the safety of personal data of customers and users of the official site, the Company has developed and implemented rules and technical measures to protect information. All operations that you carry within the Company's site are safe. To protect the website, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a server certificate to confirm the reliability of the Company. We do not save the data of a clients' debit card. When entering the personal account on the official website of the Company, we ask only for the login and password, which is the personal property of the client. The company cannot be responsible for the usage of this data and how the customer manages their accounts with their help. If the client finds any unauthorized or suspicious actions with his account, he must inform the Company's technical support service without fail.

Instant Bonus, Instant Commissions, Instant Rewards

No one in the financial markets provides you instant bonuses and instant referral rewards. A company like kixar Trading is a dream of every financial trader. Our brokerage firm is a caring, cooperative, reasonable, competent, secure, and loyal trading partner. The give away policies of kixar segregates it from the traditional financial brokers that have strict terms and conditions for their clients.

Bonus of kixar

A bonus of $50 or $100 is very common. But have you ever heard of an extremely large and withdrawable bonus? Your answer will be definitely no. Because no one facilitates you the way kixar does. kixar Trading gives you a bulky bonus of 150% on your initial capital that is for sure beyond anyone’s expectations. You can withdraw it as well.

Bonus Policy

To earn these lump-sum bonuses, we have set a few guidelines about our bonus policy.

  1. The bonus is gift money from the broker. However, the Company is not restricted to pay it to the client officially. It is the choice of the broker, if he is not willing to give you a bonus, one cannot force him.
  2. If any of our clients sound suspicious in any way, the Company reserves the right to cancel all the bonuses and rewards. In such a situation, the client can not take an action against the broker.
  3. You need to make an initial deposit while opening your accounts
  4. It is your choice to withdraw the bonus or to utilize it in trading activity.
  5. The profits and losses are added and deducted from the real cash.

How you can withdraw your bonus?

To withdraw your bonus or to use it in trading, you need to fulfill some requirements. You need to trade Ten times of your First Deposit. For example, you have invested 100 Dollars, then you must have to trade ten times at least to make them $1000.
This simple formula will help you to understand better.

Capital x 10

$100x 10= $1000
Now you can withdraw your bonus of 150% along with your net amount and Profit.
However, due to the following circumstances, you may lose your entire bonus

  1. If you remain unsuccessful to generate ten times the volume of your first deposit for three months, you can lose all your bonus.
  2. If you withdraw a single Dollar from your account without completing the above-mentioned conditions, your bonus amount will be lost.

To earn the bonus, stick with these guidelines. Completing all the terms and conditions of the bonus policy is crucial to get it.

Referral of kixar

kixar cares for any of your effort or promotion activities for our company. If you refer to any of your friends about our company, we will bestow with you a reward. The reward of giving reference to any of your friends will make your eyes shine. kixar gives 10 percent of the initial deposit of your referral. For example, if your referral submits $10,000 as an initial deposit, you will be awarded $1000. Our referral awards make us distinct from others as no one in the financial market gives you too many bonuses, rewards, discounts, and facilities like we do.

Referral Policy

To earn the reference bonus, you must focus on these points. Negligence from them can leave you empty-handed to get benefit from the referral rewards.

  1. Likewise bonus, referral commission is also gift money from the broker. He has the right to cancel it any time without notice. The client cannot file any complaint against the broker due to the cancellation of the reward money. Similarly, the broker is not bound to reward you even without any valid reason.
  2. To earn the referral money, you must have your trading account with our company. You cannot get the reward if you are not working with us and refer our company to your social circle.
  3. If your referral is your sibling or any other blood relation, it will not be counted.
  4. If a person using the same internet connection you are using, i.e. the same IP address, you will not receive your commission. We will not count it as a referral.
  5. Any person detected using two trading accounts will not be able to get a commission. If we detect any suspicious activity, we can suspend your trading account.
  6. You can earn your first referral commission instant, but to withdraw it fulfill these terms and conditions.

a) You need to provide at least 10 traders who initially deposit some amount.

b) The first ten referral of yours, must have traded ten times after their initial deposit and fulfill all the terms and conditions mentioned above. whether they make profits or suffer loss, their trading volume is obliged to increase to ten times.

c) When you withdraw your first referral reward, then you can withdraw your commission instantly even on a single reference.


If the Company believes that customer information is no longer required to achieve the goals for which it has been collected, we delete all details identifying the specific customer. But even after a complete and safe deletion of customer data for some time afterward, the Company may need to keep records, for example, in cases where the client's actions fall under anti-money laundering laws. In such cases, the law entails the preservation of customer data for 5 years after the termination of cooperation with him, as well as all records of transactions conducted by the client. We will store the client's personal information for more than 5 years from the time of termination of relations with the Company due to legal proceedings. Like court proceedings or legal disputes with the Company. If the client has refused from marketing research, we store the data about the client in a suppression list so that the Company knows that he does not want to receive messages. We only store customer personal data for more than 5 years if there are any legal, regulatory, or technical reasons. Your personal information will not be stored for longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected.

Minors are not allowed to request. If any activity is confirmed or requested by a child less than 18 years will not be accepted.